Home insurance can protect against winter risks

The winter time can bring with it a number of key risks to properties, making it all the more important householders have adequate home insurance in place to protect against any damage.

With this in mind, Defaqto has drawn up a guide to help people ensure they are suitably covered over the festive period.

The independent research company noted a dip in temperature can result in burst pipes, while storms can cause problems concerning a dwelling’s exterior.

In addition, the value of belongings inside an abode is likely to increase as people fill their living spaces with presents, while many individuals will be leaving their residence unattended when visiting friends and family over yuletide.

The organisation recommended consumers opt for policies that are suited to their needs and to consider variations in cover when it comes to cost regarding factors such as alternative accommodation, damaged contents and possessions away from the house.

Mike Powell, insight analyst for general insurance at Defaqto – formed in 1994 – said: “It is important for homeowners to take stock over the coming weeks to ensure their existing home contents and buildings cover … provides adequate protection.”

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