DIY disasters ending in home insurance claims

Many people in the UK are attempting to carry out their own home improvements, but mishaps caused through such tasks are resulting in a high number of home insurance claims.

This is according to new research from, which discovered 11 per cent of those who attempt DIY are then turning to their cover in order to counter any financial losses.

The research revealed 53 per cent of individuals in the UK are now carrying out such work as a result of rising living costs – but 31 per cent have seen their efforts result in further damage caused.

Householders in the West Midlands and Scotland were found to be the most likely to attempt DIY, with those residing in the north-east less prone to tackling home maintenance jobs themselves.

Mark Gabriel, home insurance spokesman for the website – first launched in 2002 – explained the fragile economy is causing financial concern across Britain, with escalating petrol and food prices adding to the worry.

The industry figure pointed out: “Therefore people have turned to ways of saving money and have been inspired by home improvement programmes.”

However, he added individuals should “remember that television often makes tasks look easier than they are”.

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