Kent County Council to save money by ditching medical insurance for senior staff

Kent County Council are planning to get rid of a controversial health insurance scheme for senior workers.

The provision of private healthcare only exists in a small number of local authorities and last November Kent County Council (KCC) came fourth in a national league table after spending nearly £200,000 on expensive premiums for just 250 employees.

Fiona McEvoy, campaign manager for the Taxpayers Alliance, said at the time: “It’s ridiculous that council top brass have been treated to private medical treatment with taxpayers’ money. If they want to go private then they can choose to do so, but they should pay for it out of their own generous salaries. We already pay for the NHS, and if that’s good enough for us then it should be good enough for senior managers at KCC.”

It appears that the authority have taken note of Ms McEvoy’s comments and now proposes to scrap the scheme to deliver savings of £200,000.

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