Young people looking to work abroad may require expatriate health insurance

Young people who are considering leaving the UK because of a lack of employment opportunities may require expatriate health insurance .

According to a recent survey conducted by Student Currency Exchange, over half of 18 to 25-year-olds are thinking of emigrating due to high youth unemployment . Around 65 per cent said that they are considering leaving the UK. While the study concentrated on Britain, the UK is not the only country that is struggling with unemployment issues as a result of the recession.

Among the young people surveyed, Australia came out as the most popular destination, followed by Canada and China. Before moving abroad, it is advisable to organise an international insurance plan to cover people should they encounter any problems.

Adrian Jacob, of Student Currency Exchange, commented: “It makes sense that young people are looking to go where there are more job opportunities and quite probably a better quality of life.”

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