Pet insurer finds dog owners are most affected by the death of their animal

Dog owners have been found to be the most affected by the death of a pet, which could be due to the strong bonds that are established between dogs and their owners.

According to a study conducted by The Co-operative Pet Insurance, a considerable number of those questioned said that the death of their pet was as difficult emotionally as the death of a family member (28 per cent) and more than a third (34 per cent) felt the experience was equal to the experience of the loss of a friend.

Lee Mooney, Head of Pet Insurance at The Co-operative Insurance, explained: “People increasingly lean on their animals for emotional support, with animals providing a constant presence in the home, helping to alleviate anxiety and loneliness.
The health of a pet is therefore extremely important and it is vital that people ensure that they have adequate pet insurance in place to ensure their pets are protected throughout the year.”

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