Home insurance expert finds pets can cause billions of pound of damage

Home insurance providers are being urged to offer greater clarity regarding cover for damage that is caused by pets in the house.

According to a new home insurance study conducted by home insurance expert Confused.com, pets were responsible for over £3.3 billion of damage to UK households during the past 12 months. The survey revealed that up to one fifth of pet owners have encountered significant damage to their homes over the past year, costing them an average of £690.

Pet owners have had to shell out for their pet’s destructive behaviour, with up to 86 per cent of those questioned admitting that they were not covered for, or did not know if they were covered for, this type of damage. Confused.com claims that none of the major insurance providers cover accidental damage caused by pets.

Mark Gabriel, Head of Home Insurance at Confused.com, said, “The findings of this study send a clear message to insurance providers that there is a real need for tailored home insurance products for pet owners. The Confused.com petition provides pet owners with an opportunity to tell their insurers what they really want from their home insurance.”

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