Brits attending weddings abroad urged to take out travel insurance

In the last five years almost 8 million Brits have travelled abroad to attend a wedding and each have spent an average of £1,139 on travel, accommodation, gifts and special wedding outfits, according to a new study from Sainsburys Travel Insurance .

Research by the supermarket bank has revealed that despite the cost of attending a wedding abroad, almost a third (29 per cent) of those travelling, including brides and grooms, do not take out travel insurance . However, should they or a member of their party fall ill and be unable to travel, or they suffer from lost or stolen baggage, they could face significant financial losses.

Scott Gorman at Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance said: ” Weddings abroad are popular and the cost of these overseas celebrations are clearly far more expensive than just a typical holiday, so it’s even more important for couples and guests to ensure they are fully protected well before they travel. Should the unimaginable happen, having no travel insurance could make the big day memorable for all the wrong reasons.”

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