Male health insurance customers urged to use technology

With yesterday (June 13th) marking the beginning of Men’s Health Week, health insurance customers have been advised to use technology to get their questions answered.

According to Men’s Health Forum, internet sources are a great place for males to access information on issues that may concern them.

Chief executive Peter Baker noted that technology can provide ease-of-access, confidentiality and anonymity, to help save health insurance customers the embarrassment of asking their GP questions face to face.

He said it makes things easier for men looking for information on matters that concern them and may help them feel knowledgeable enough to approach a health professional about their problems.

The expert explained that it is vital that men do not bury their head in the sand when it comes to looking after their body.

“Over 40 per cent of men die prematurely before the age of 75, yet too many ignore health problems and are reluctant to speak to healthcare professionals,” Mr Baker claimed.

Part of the reason is that males in the UK often believe they should be “strong and stoical” and do not want to portray themselves as weak or vulnerable, the health professional added.

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