Libyan conflict causes health insurance problems

The conflict in Libya has caused some Brits issues with their health insurance cover, it has been revealed.

According to the Telegraph, many expats living and working in the oil-rich nation have found their policies invalid after the UK froze Libyan assets and banned commercial transactions with the north African country.

Firms such as InterGlobal, which struck a partnership with Libyan provider United Insurance, have been unable to pay out for their clients due to the regulations.

The newspaper gave one example of a man being treated in west London’s Cromwell Hospital, who finds himself in a tough situation regarding payment for his expensive treatment .

“He is our most expensive case, having cardiac treatment, then developing leukaemia, having chemotherapy, radiotherapy, returning to Libya and then back to the Cromwell,” explained InterGlobal chief executive officer Stephen Hartigan.

“He’s costing $1 million (£619,000). Presumably someone, somehow is getting money through to pay his bills.”

Mr Hartigan’s firm has been forced to repay premiums to a large number of clients, thanks to the conflict having essentially made their health insurance useless.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that a Nato bomb hit a civilian building in Libya, killing a number of innocent residents.

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