Kids travelling alone may not be covered by annual travel insurance

Parents are being advised to look at the small print on their annual travel insurance policies as around 50 per cent of these policies don’t provide cover for children travelling alone, according to research conducted by Defaqto .

The independent research company found that half of the annual travel insurance policies available in the UK do not cover a child if he or she travels independent from an adult. The small print on the policies stipulate that a relative or guardian must accompany the minor in order for the insurance cover to be valid.

While most families travel together, sometimes a youth will travel alone with the aim of meeting up with a family member later in their journey. If a family finds itself in this situation, it is advisable to check their annual insurance policy to ensure their child is adequately covered while travelling alone.

In other news, the cost of a single trip travel insurance policy has risen by 23 per cent over the last 3 years.

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