Health insurance firm offers discount checks

Health insurance provider Bupa is urging Brits to treat their dad to a medical check for Fathers’ Day.

The firm explained that such assessments can help to identify any underlying health problems and encourage people to take action to set things right, potentially saving their lives.

It is offering a discounted rate of £196 for a comprehensive health check to those looking to get their dads to change their lifestyles.

Bupa noted that three-quarters of its health assessment customers have gone on to make positive alterations to the way they live, with men twice as likely as women to change bad habits.

The health insurance firm is also offering coronary health checks for a discounted rate of £499, meaning those with a family history of heart disease can ensure that their ticker is working correctly.

With heart disease the UK’s biggest killer, the two-hour test could help identify any issues and lead to changes that could add years to a man’s life.

Bupa assistant medical director Dr Peter Mace said: “We know that men are generally less engaged with their health than women, but they are also more likely say their partners can influence them to change their lifestyle .”

The company recently urged dads to “dance their way to a healthy old age “, claiming that not enough older men are as physically active as they should be.

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