Health insurance firm includes accident and illness cover

Health insurance provider Perfect Health insurance has expanded its offerings to include accident and sickness cover .

Those taking advantage of the product will be covered for six months in case of injury or illness, with the policy providing payments of up to £1,500 per month to replace income if the holder is unable to work.

Primarily aimed at sole traders and small business workers whose livelihood would be at risk if they suffered an accident or illness, the Perfect Cashplan also covers dentistry, optical and hospital benefits and provides other payments, such as car parking costs for visitors to NHS hospitals.

“Last year, when I suffered a heart attack and was forced off work for almost three months I was fortunate enough to be adequately insured, but I was aware that others might not be so lucky,” explained Perfect Health Insurance chief executive Andrew Tripp.

He explained that, after realising the gap in the market, he worked with underwriters to create an affordable policy that would provide day-to-day benefits when people are healthy, but also covered them when they were ill or injured.

Perfect Health offers a range of services, including company health plans, professional advice and personal and family packages.

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