A third of Brits cheat on a home insurance claim

Almost 29 per cent of people in the UK believe it is acceptable to make a fraudulent home insurance claim either by increasing the value of items that have been damaged or stolen, or claiming for extra things, finds a recent survey.

According to insurer Legal and General, one in 10 people also said they lied on an insurance claim so that they could upgrade their mobile phone or other gadget to the latest model.

The Association of British Insurers said the insurance industry uncovered an average of 335 fraudulent claims worth £2.3 million every day, which actually adds an extra £44 to the average UK household’s annual insurance bill.

Steve Phillips, head of fraud services at Legal and General’s general insurance business, said: “The vast majority of us do understand that insurance fraud is equivalent to robbing other policyholders, but there appears to be a worrying number of people who are willing to make an inflated claim in order to get the latest gadget.”

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