Up to date car insurance is essential

It is absolutely critical for young drivers to make sure they have car insurance that is fully up to date, it has been noted.

Steve Chilton, claims manager at Swinton Group, said it is obvious new drivers need to get suitable protection, noting there is “no two ways around it”.

The industry figure was speaking in response to new figures released by the firm, which showed one-quarter of motorists may be hitting the roads uninsured.

According to the research, 27.1 per cent of those questioned admitted to either driving their parents’ car without cover or knowing somebody who has.

Mr Chilton observed: “I think the reason for that is that they are unaware of the type of cover that is in existence.”

He explained many of these young people may not have had the implications of taking to the wheel without adequate insurance fully explained to them.

The Swinton study also found that 94.7 per cent of people believe the high cost of motor insurance is negatively impacting on their social lives, with 27.3 per cent claiming the payments have meant them having to cut back on buying clothes.

A further 16.9 per cent said they are having to sacrifice holidays in order to afford the fees. 

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