Britains mental health postcode lottery

Health insurance in 2009 used the Freedom of Information Act to investigate waiting times for counselling in the NHS. At the time of investigation, patients were waiting up to three years for this treat for depression.

However, since then the waiting times have been reduced. Yet, even though the waiting times have been reduced research that has been conducted in the last few months has shown that patients have had to wait for more than three months for cognitive behavioural therapy in 28% of primary care trusts.

When it comes to counselling, patients in 41% of primary care trusts wait around three months long – this is actually an increase since 2009. In some cases waits still exceed a year.

The government are certainly keeping a close eye on this considering the £400 million extra investment they are putting in to improve access to psychological therapies . Hopefully as extra therapists are trained and employed, the waiting times will be reduced.

Psychological conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety are the main causes for long-term absences in the UK. In total these psychological conditions cost employers around £1,500 per employee every year.

However, with this in mind corporations should feel confident than ever about broaching the issue of mental health with clients.

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