Travel insurance is vital for those travelling with somone who has a medical condition

With the Easter and Summer breaks coming up, travellers should make sure they have the right travel insurance cover .

For those travelling with a friend or family member who has an existing medical condition, it is essential for the healthy holidaymaker to have travel insurance that will cover them should the trip be cancelled or cut short because of their companion’s illness.

According to, this is an aspect of the holiday is that is often overlooked by healthy travellers. However, if a member of a travelling party falls ill before the holiday starts due to a pre-existing condition and the trip has to be cancelled, the other travellers could find it tricky to get reimbursed if they are insured separately.

Iain Sykes, Managing Director of said: “We therefore advise travellers to stick together and buy one travel insurance policy to cover the whole family, or group of friends says. If everyone is insured on the same policy, whether they have a medical condition or not, they would all be able to make a claim, in the event that it was deemed medically necessary to cancel or cut short the trip following another member of the party becoming ill.”

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