Expat health insurance customers advised to exercise after a heart attack

Expat health insurance customers who have suffered a heart attack are being advised to talk to their doctor about undertaking some form of exercise .

Heart attack patients can sometimes find it beneficial to take part in physical activity as soon as a week after the incident, according to an American review of earlier studies. However, Ellen Mason, senior cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation, explained that it is essential for patients to discuss the matter with their doctor before commencing an exercise regime after heart problems .

International health insurance customers have access to well-trained doctors and should consult with them to ensure that they are looking after their hearts.

Ms Mason added: “Newer treatments mean heart patients often suffer less damage during heart attacks than they used to, and so they may benefit from starting formal exercise programmes known as cardiac rehabilitation sooner. But we’d need experts in cardiac rehab in the UK to ensure this is implemented safely.”

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