Travel insurer offers fair priced cover to HIV carriers

For many, living with HIV could mean giving up foreign holidays as they find it difficult to get fairly priced travel insurance .

However specialist travel insurer, is offering fairly priced cover for HIV carriers which will enable them to travel knowing that they are protected should something go wrong.

Only a limited number of travel insurers cater for people diagnosed with HIV and many require detailed medical screenings before providing cover. This cover is often very expensive and some people actually choose to travel without declaring their condition, leaving them unprotected for anything relating to their virus.

Iain Sykes, Managing Director of said: “There are tens of thousands of people in the UK living with HIV. Yet despite this high number, it can still be difficult to get the right level of travel cover at a reasonable price. Those who travel without declaring their condition to their insurer won’t be covered, risking hefty medical bills if they do need treatment for the virus while abroad . With this in mind, we offer a no-hassle insurance quote system that caters for travellers with a range of medical conditions, including HIV.”

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