Students urged to check home insurance cover

Students are being advised to check their parents’ home insurance before taking expensive gadgets away with them.

NFU Mutual recommends those taking their laptops, mobile phones and other expensive gadgets to university to look at the cover provided by their parents’ home insurance before they set off. According to the insurer, almost 82 per cent of policies currently on the market will protect an undergraduate’s belongings while they are away.

The company’s home insurance specialist, Paul Richardson, said: “Having this cover can save the expense of setting up a separate plan, although students and parents should check the level of insurance offered under existing arrangements. Whether student possessions are covered under a parent’s policy or an individual policy, it’s imperative they are fully covered.”

NFU Mutual also suggests that new undergraduates mark their belongings in case of theft and have photos of expensive items in case they have to make a claim. The National Union of Students has advised its members moving into shared housing to check for a burglar alarm and locks on windows and doors .

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