Niche Insurance broker to add hobby caravan insurance to its Portfolio, the specialist niche insurance broker which offers both a web-based and telephone service, will be adding hobby caravan insurance to its portfolio of products.

Hobby caravan owners often find it difficult to obtain competitive quotations from touring caravan insurance companies because of the age-old stigmas that come with these types of caravans, including the perceived higher risk of theft.

Richard Burgess, Director at Cover4Caravans, said: ” Insurance underwriters keep looking back rather than forward and despite the improvement in security devices, they continually decline to offer quotations for these caravans . This isn’t right. We have been talking to insurers for some time now to obtain cover for hobby caravans. Our research suggested that with the right security devices in place, these caravans deserve a realistic premium to be offered.”

Cover4Caravans believe their rates are competitive with prices starting from under £150. Full details of the policy cover will be provided at the time of quotation.

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