Car insurance rarely covers road rage

Only 6 per cent of car insurance policies provides any cover for road rage incidents, according to Defaqto.

The financial research company’s annual report revealed that 94 per cent of motor insurance policies in the UK do not offer any cover for road rage. However, this is an improvement from the situation in 2005, when 99 per cent of car insurance policies did not protect customers against such incidents.

Nonetheless, Defaqto’s findings are surprising as its recent consumer survey highlighted the importance of road rage cover to some drivers. The firm found that over-55s in particular are anxious about the risk of road rage and consider protection against it an important factor when choosing a car insurance policy .

Which? car insurance expert Dan Moore says: “If you’re concerned about the risk of road rage, it’s important to check the terms and conditions of your car insurance policy . Don’t assume you’d be covered for anything that happened as a result of another motorist’s aggression, Defaqto’s figures show this is unlikely.”

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