New pet insurance report from You Gov

A recent report published by You Gov, a UK-based organisation specialising in research and consulting services, indicates that Allianz Pet Plan is the most popular pet insurance cover in the country as 40 per cent of Brits purchase it.

Tesco Pet Insurance takes second place, with 24 per cent of pet owners buying it, followed by Pet Plan, which is chosen by 15 per cent of Brits. In its market report, Sixth Sense, You Gov found that the number of British pet owners with pet cover would have been higher if it was more affordable.

An opinion poll conducted among pet owners who have cancelled insurance cover for their furry friends revealed that 29 per cent of respondents think the cover provided is not worth the cost, 18 per cent of them cannot afford the cover and most holders of pet cover are aged between 40-54 years.

Commenting on the results of the research, Mr. James McCoy, a research director at You Gov said that pet policies are not as inclusive as health insurance for people and are therefore regarded as less beneficial by Brits.

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