Digital downloaders advised to check their home contents insurance

With music and film downloads fast replacing CDs and DVDs, research by shopping website has found that less than one in ten Brits has checked that they have adequate insurance for their digital content.

This indicates that nine in ten people could end up paying a costly fee to replace their music if it gets lost or stolen. Around four in ten people surveyed by the cashback site said they were not insured for the loss of digital content on their MP3 player, computer or mobile phone and 50 per cent didn’t know whether they were insured or not.

Quidco recommends Brits check the terms of their home contents insurance policy and take out a separate digital downloads policy, if necessary, in order to avoid paying out hundreds of pounds to replace their digital content.

Hannah Green from Quidco said: “Only a few home contents insurance policies cover digital collections so it’s vital that people check the level of insurance they have now to avoid an expensive online shop later. Protecting their digital collection will be far less expensive than replacing it.”

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