Cheap car insurance may be a false economy

With motorists now able to compare 1000’s of car insurance policies online, buying the cheapest policy could turn out to be a costly mistake, according to rural insurer NFU Mutual .

Car insurance policies vary greatly and often, it isn’t until there is cause to make a claim on their policy that people discover what is and what isn’t covered. NFU Mutual understands that drivers are trying to keep premiums low, but advises them to check what’s included in motor policies as standard before committing to buy.

Jeremy Parker, Agent at the NFU Mutual office in Devon, is concerned about people cancelling their insurance policies for cheaper alternatives, only to find they do not meet their expectations in terms of the level of cover or customer service.

He said: “Many drivers come to us for advice because they don’t understand what they are buying online or over the phone . One couple had an accident and discovered they had no courtesy car because they hadn’t ticked a box. Another gentleman was told by the police he wasn’t adequately insured as his vehicle was clearly being used for business and his policy was for social, domestic and pleasure use only.”

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