Sainsburys Pet Insurance finds trend in handbag dogs on the rise

There has been an increase in the demand for small pedigree dogs, made all the more popular by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Kate Beckinsale, Alexandra Burke and Geri Halliwell, says Sainsburys Pet Insurance .

However, the insurer warns of the importance of having adequate insurance for these pets to cover the cost of veterinary bills . The number of these dogs insured by Sainsbury’s pet insurance in 2009 was 13 per cent higher than in 2008. The most popular “handbag” size pedigree breeds insured by Sainsbury’s pet insurance is the King Charles Spaniel, followed by the West Highland White Terrier and then the Jack Russell Terrier .

Lucy Hunter, Sainsbury’s pet insurance manager, said: “Given the rising cost of veterinary treatment, it is now more important to have pet insurance than ever before. This is especially true for pedigree dogs, which can suffer from hereditary medical conditions that can require veterinary treatment. For example, King Charles Spaniels can be prone to heart and eye problems, and West Highland Terriers can suffer from skin problems and deafness .”

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