Parents with top of the range pushchairs targeted by thieves warns home insurer

Thefts of baby pushchairs have almost doubled in the last year, according to Halifax Home Insurance .

There is now a black market in baby buggies which is estimated to be worth £60 million. An increasing number of parents are looking to buy the latest, top of the range buggies for their babies.

Criminals have even been found to be stealing specific models and the Bugaboo Bee Plus (worth £459), Silver Cross 3D (£250), Quinny Zapp (£150) and the Maclaren Techno XT (£196) are among the most sought after. Thieves take these unoccupied strollers most frequently from inside the home, or just outside the property . Other buggy-theft hotspots include car parks, cafés and restaurants .

David Rochester, Head of Underwriting at Halifax Home Insurance said: “It may seem surprising that thieves would stoop so low, yet it appears the increasing value of baby buggies has caused parents to become a target for thieves. We recommend all new parents make sure buggies are safely secured when stored in the home and not left visible in porches or driveways where they can be easily stolen as they are on wheels, enabling a quick getaway.”

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