Insurer warns motorists not to fall victim to winter car crime

Swinton is warning UK motorists to take extra care during the winter months so as not to fall victim to winter car crime.

With winter now upon us, the car insurance company is offering advice to drivers in order to prevent more people being targeted by thieves during the dark nights.

According to a survey conducted by Swinton on 1,200 of its online customers, a high percentage of people are failing to take extra precautions, despite the darker nights, with 32 per cent admitting to not parking in a well lit area and 24 per cent admitting that they leave their cars running while they defrost their car windscreens . A further 72 percent said they had left presents on the back seat of their car while out Christmas shopping .

The insurer suggests taking basic precautionary measures such as parking in well lit areas and concealing or removing all valuables so as to not leave yourself vulnerable to opportunist thieves.

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