Home insurers issue advice to those making a claim due to flooding

Floods in the south-west of England have prompted insurers to issue advice on how to avoid delays in processing claims.

Major flooding across several towns and villages in Cornwall recently resulted in people being trapped in their cars and homes and left areas of St Austell and St Blazey impassable. While it is too early to estimate the cost to homeowners, a household insurance claim for storm damage costs on average around £660, according to M&S Money.

Julie Owens, head of home insurance at moneysupermarket.com, said: “Your insurer will expect you to make attempts to minimise your claim. It depends on the insurer how they define “attempts to minimise your claim” but you will be expected to ring your insurer immediately to inform it of the situation and to obtain advice and assistance.”

Ms Owens added that people should consider their vehicles too. While home insurance is essential to protect property, car insurance should also be an important consideration for any flood risk to a motor .

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