Home insurer advises a winter health check for properties

As snow and ice falls on parts of Britain and with more forecast, homeowners have been urged to carry out a ‘winter MOT’ on their properties .

Halifax Home Insurance said it received more than 18,500 claims last year relating to frozen and burst pipes, as well as around 8,000 claims for storm damage.

To try and help prevent such problems occurring in the first place, the insurer suggests families carry out some simple steps inside and outside the home. It recommends that boilers are serviced annually by a professional engineer who is part of the Gas Safe Register. Also, homeowners should check their loft is properly insulated and keep their central heating set at a minimum of twelve degrees C to prevent water from freezing in the system.

Outside, individuals should inspect for cracked and broken roof tiles, which could let in water. Halifax also advises keeping torches, batteries, blankets, tinned food and home insurance documents near at hand in case of a severe snow storm.

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