Drivers are paying for damage to avoid making a car insurance claim

Around 24 per cent of drivers have said that they have paid for damage caused to another vehicle instead of making a claim on their car insurance policy.

According to the research conducted by, the main reason drivers choose to pay out of their own pocket for damage instead of claiming on their policy is to avoid a rise in their insurance premiums. Of those questioned, 11 per cent said they paid for damage because they didn’t want to lose their no claims bonus.

One of the main reasons given by drivers for not making a claim after an accident is having a high excess on their policy which would make it cheaper to pay for damage themselves, rather than paying out for the excess. Worryingly, 2 per cent of those who were surveyed paid to fix the car issues themselves as they weren’t covered by insurance . 1 in 5 motorists admitted they’d tried to shift the blame for an accident on the other party, even though they were actually at fault.

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