Travellers face disruption despite volcanic ash cloud flight ban being lifted

Despite the volcanic ash cloud flight ban being lifted, air passengers in England are facing disruption.

All airports in England have now reopened, but as they try to get back to normal service passengers face continuing chaos. Restrictions put in place at Gatwick and Heathrow were lifted at 1100 BST. The limits were necessary because of the London airports’ proximity to the no-fly zone that had been in place over Bristol and Farnborough.

Travellers are urged to be aware that many of Britain’s largest insurers have warned that travel insurance policies bought from now will not include cover for claims arising from trips and holidays delayed or cancelled as a result of the volcanic ash problems.

Some insurers who did pay out some volcanic ash related claims previously, have said that they will not pay out on future claims. These include Aviva, Barclays, Churchill, Direct Line and More Than .

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