Saga warns of dangers on the road for motorcyclists

Motorcycle riders face many risks on the road and need to be extra vigilant if they don’t want to end up claiming on their motorbike insurance, according to a spokesperson for Saga .

Andrew Goodsell, executive chairman of the insurance provider, made his comments after the firm published a survey which revealed that 75 per cent of bikers believe other motorists are not aware of the presence of motorcycles on road.

He indicated that this means motorbike riders must be on the lookout for obstacles that could end in an accident, such as deep potholes which can be treacherous or a car driver opening their door without looking. Mr Goodsell said: “Car drivers should remember the old safety campaign to ‘Think Once. Think Twice. Think Bike.’ Bikers should always expect the unexpected.”

Over-50s insurance provider Saga recently claimed that by 2059 there could be 300,000 people over the age of 100 living in the UK.

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