New pay-per-month car insurance for young drivers

Parents who find that putting their 17-year old son or daughter on their own policy could cost them £3,000, may appreciate a new car insurance policy for learner drivers which costs around £90.

Halfords are introducing a pay-per-month policy which also has the advantage of being written in the young drivers’ name, so it won’t jeopardise the no-claims bonus of the parent if the learner crashes the car . Over the last decade, the cost of insurance for young drivers has shot up to the extent that most are limited to the lessons they can buy from driving schools and can’t use the family car for practice.

However, a new insurance company called Provisional Marmalade is offering learner drivers comprehensive cover by the month. It has been trialling these policies since last August and is now launching it to a wider audience following a tie-up with the Halfords chain.

Provisional Marmalade’s founder, Nick Moger, said: “The cover is aimed at those who want to practise in their parents’ car in the run up to taking their test, but have so far been put off by the cost.”

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