Marks and Spencer pet insurance reminds dog owners of chocolate poisoning

With Easter approaching, pet owners are warned of the dangers of chocolate poisoning .

M&S pet insurance is warning dog owners that chocolate eggs and others treats left around the house at Easter can be a temptation for pet dogs and they can be left unwell if they eat too much chocolate .

A toxic chemical, heobrominein, found in chocolate causes the problem and the amount varies according to the type and quality of chocolate. A small amount of high quality dark chocolate eaten by a dog can cause clinical signs such as hyperexcitability and restlessness, vomiting, tremors and convulsions.

David Wells, M&S Head of Insurance, said: “It’s not just the chocolate at Easter which can cause illness and injury in pets . We have seen claims when dogs have eaten small novelty toys from Easter eggs and the shredded plastic which is used as packing material in Easter baskets.”

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