Marks and Spencer home insurance warns against garden thieves

With the advent of British Summer Time, Marks and Spencer home insurance notes that even though people invest a lot of time and money in their gardens, they sometimes neglect to make sure they are secure.

David Wells, head of insurance for the company, said: “Check that your home insurance policy covers property in your garden and shed . Remember that even if you do have insurance, unless you secure your shed, any claim may be invalid.”

Research carried out by Marks and Spencer showed that an ordinary garden shed contained an average of £888 of property, however a quarter of owners had not taken the proper measures to secure it.

Similarly, Aviva advises homeowners to lock sheds, close gates and cover any large items that may be on display in the garden to would-be thieves. The bank provides contents cover for items worth up to £2,500 left in the outbuildings of a property.

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