Dogtag moves into North American travel insurance market

Dogtag, a UK travel insurance brand for activity and sport -oriented travellers, is branching out into the North American travel insurance market with their launch in the US and Canada .

Dogtag claims their 100 per cent Proof Travel Insurance serves three main purposes, including 24-hour emergency information with emergency contact numbers on person while travelling; it carries name and a unique Dogtag identity number that enables easy identification on call and Dogtag emergency web address and phone number which allows customers to log into an emergency page for information.

As part of the expansion, the company’s US subsidiary, Dogtag Inc has joined forces with American travel insurance company Travel Guard. Mike Welby, joint founder of Dogtag, said: “We needed an underwriter with the flexibility and willingness to provide the sort of cover that our particular customer demographic is looking for. Travel Guard have been superb in helping us build a product that’s absolutely apt for the typical Dogtag customer’s needs, translated to a North American scenario.”

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