Rise in bike insurance claims

There has been a sharp rise in the number of personal injury claims being made against motorcycle riders, according to Aviva .

Figures published recently by the insurer reveal that claims for bodily injuries have increased by 57 per cent since 2005, because of an increasing number of riders carrying additional passengers. Also, it was found that the cost of handling these claims has risen by 51 per cent.

Aviva motoring expert, Nigel Bartram, said: “These are certainly sobering statistics. We believe that the upturn in bike claims, particularly bodily injury claims, is a consequence of more riders opting to carry pillion passengers.”

Mr Bartram suggested that traffic congestion and rising fuel costs may have persuaded more people to use motorbikes and leave their cars at home. However, he warned that carrying an extra passenger could affect the way a bike handles. Aviva advises riders that before taking a pillion passenger out on a bike, it’s vital that the passenger has a British standards approved crash helmet and they should be wearing the correct attire.

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