Festival goers urged to take out personal belongings cover

Over three million people are expected to pack up their tents and head to one of the 500 festivals being held in the UK this summer.

However, with crowds comes the risk of crime. Figures from Glastonbury last summer show that there were nearly 450 crimes over the three days, with the majority of offences for theft from tents or pick-pockets in the “mosh pits” and crowded dance areas.

According to the insurer Aviva, many people take over £500 worth of valuable personal belongings to festivals, including mobile phones, mp3 players, Blackberries and jewellery . As well as cash, credit cards, tents and sleeping equipment, it can add up to almost £1000 worth of valuables per person.

With Aviva, all valuables and camping gear such as tents, cooking equipment and binoculars can be covered under the Personal Belongings section of a home insurance policy, which means cover is in place anywhere in the world if belongings are stolen, but also if they are accidentally lost or damaged.

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