Car insurance policyholders not getting compensation for pothole damage

Motorists suffering pothole damage on the country’s motorways are not getting the compensation they deserve, the BBC has discovered.

The news provider has learnt, through a Freedom of Information request made to the Highways Agency, that just one in nine drivers received a payout. Of the 382 claims for compensation across England and Wales, only 40 received any money .

Duncan McClure Fisher, from, told the BBC that action needs to be taken to change the compensation system for car insurance policyholders. He said: “If they were given information which told them ‘this is what you’ve got to do to make your claim’ then I think you’ve got a fair structure for the council and the driver.”

Both motorists and the local council are presently required to show that the damage was caused by a pothole . Recently, revealed that students in Italy are working on designs to make road imperfections more visible to motorists.

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