New car insurance offer from Halfords and Provisional Marmalade

Halfords and Provisional Marmalade have teamed up to offer a new car insurance product to provisional drivers.

Learner drivers often find that insurance can be a major obstacle, with premiums as high as £3,000 and some insurers refusing to insure people under 21 or 25. The new product will enable provisional drivers to take out fully comprehensive insurance on a friend or family member’s car, for £3 per day. The monthly cost will be between £90.95 and £99.50 and will not impact upon any existing insurance coverage on the car in question.

Halfords’ Diane Perry has indicated that the high cost of insurance premiums is discouraging learner drivers from practising outside of driving lessons. Many learner drivers avoid insurance altogether in order to escape the cost, with some even opting for the criminal practice of fronting which involves parents falsely claiming they are the principle driver of their children’s car.

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