Over 80s denied car insurance quotes

Car insurance quotes are being refused to those over 80 years old, according to new research conducted by Age Concern and Help the Aged .

It appears that the over 80’s are facing age discrimination by the insurance industry as they are being increasingly denied a car insurance quote. Half of motor insurers exclude this age group irrespective of people’s health . The research revealed that some of these discriminatory insurers are household names.

The study also found that while the situation for those at the higher end of the age spectrum is extreme, those in other age groups also experience ageism. Access to insurance becomes more erratic once someone reaches 65, with some companies refusing to provide insurance quotes to people in the 65-79 age bracket.

Refusing to issue car insurance quotes for the elderly can place unacceptable restriction on people’s lives. Problems getting insurance cover could mean that people are prevented from visiting friends and family as well as running day to day errands.

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