January sees surge for car insurance searches on 4×4 vehicles

The cold snap sweeping across the UK is pushing up searches for car insurance on 4×4 vehicles as consumers look for better protection for their cars under extreme weather conditions, according to moneysupermarket.com.

The comparison website has found that searches for 4×4 car insurance jumped 42 percent from January 5 to January 10, 2010 compared with the same period in December. Moneysupermarket.com analysed over one million car insurance searches since the heavy snow started falling last week.

Steve Sweeney, head of car insurance at moneysupermarket.com said: “It appears many Brits found failings in their vehicles once the heavy snow hit, finding that their cars just couldn’t cope with such extreme weather conditions.” Mr Sweeney described the escalation in the search for car insurance as understandable considering the amount of snow that fell in such a short period of time.

He added that people should be thinking about preparing themselves against any further snowy conditions that are on the way, or if snow filled winters are to be a regular occurrence in the future.

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