Antifreeze could lead to pet insurance claims

Pet insurance customers are being urged to keep animals away from antifreeze .

Cat and dog owners have been advised to keep their animals warm over winter and to make sure they do not accidentally swallow antifreeze as this could lead to a vets bill for those who do not have pet insurance . Antifreeze typically has a sweet smell and taste which make even the smallest spillages attractive to pets .

However, Dr Debbye Turner Bell said: “It is very dangerous for dogs and cats as one of the chemicals, ethylene glycol, can cause fatal kidney damage in a short space of time. At this time of the year many people use antifreeze in their car radiators and if your dog or cat ingests antifreeze and receives no medical attention, they could die in less than a day.”

Pet owners who have noticed a spillage should look out for possible signs of antifreeze poisoning which include depression, loss of coordination, diarrhoea, thirst and seizures.

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