Sainsburys home insurance water claims pass GBP 35 million

Since December, the amount of money claimed by Sainsburys home insurance customers for water damage has passed £35 million, according to the company.

Almost 16,000 people are estimated to have put in for a claim since the start of the cold snap for water damage caused by the forcible or violent bursting of a pipe. Ben Tyte, Sainsbury’s home insurance manager, said: “Although a similar surge in claims was experienced last winter, this year the cold snap has been longer.”

To prevent pipes bursting in the home, Sainsbury’s advises homeowners to leave their heating on low, even if the house is vacant for a few days as it will stop the pipes from freezing. Also, insulating pipes in the attic can prevent them from getting too cold. The firm also recommend checking that home contents and building cover is at an adequate level, should the need to replace items arise.

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