House insurance customers find green upgrades too expensive

Many home insurance customers are renovating their houses rather than moving this year. However, one expert commented that environmentally-friendly upgrades are not a consideration as most find them too expensive.

The initial costs associated with energy-saving products are thought to be the chief obstacle for customers, but the government’s boiler scrappage scheme has been met with some success.

Duncan Hayes, editor at Build It Magazine, said while the project to replace boilers with more energy-efficient models should be commended, there was scope for more to be done. He said: “It is a great shame really that the products aren’t cheaper or subsidised by the government or there’s not the financial incentive.”

Ed Miliband, energy and climate change secretary, emphasised the benefits of replacement, saying that new boilers can save customers around £200 per year in fuel bills, while the installation work provides work for engineers and manufacturers.

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