Cost of car insurance beyond consumer control

The high cost of car insurance premiums is for the most part beyond the control of the individual, claims one expert.

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, believes that although there are ways in which motorists can reduce their annual insurance bill, the main causes of high premiums are particulars that motorists have no control over, such as their age and gender.

Mr Greig recommends looking for a car in a lower insurance bracket as a quick way of cutting costs, with most cars displaying this in their documents prior to purchase. In addition, taking an advanced driving course may be another way of bringing down the cost of a premium, as it is recognised by insurers as a way of developing further skill on the road.

Recent research by Consumer Intelligence revealed that another way of saving money on premiums is to shop around for a better deal, with the price of insurance varying by up to 35 per cent between companies.

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