Axa unveils new car insurance policy

Axa has launched a new car insurance product which will reward motorists with a no claims discount .

With Axa car insurance, drivers could receive a no claims discount of up to 90 per cent if they have not put in for a claim for the past eight years. According to Axa, which is looking to cater for more experienced drivers, the highest bonus offered by its competitors is 65 per cent.

Tina Shortle, marketing director for Axa Insurance, said: “At a time when prices are rising sharply in this market, we felt that drivers with a proven track record deserved more.” Also, policy holders will be entitled to other benefits such as a courtesy car when they are without their own, because of an accident or theft and not just when their vehicle is in for repairs.

To aid motorists who have been involved in an accident, Axa recently launched an app for the iPhone which helps motorists through the process of what to do at the roadside following a crash.

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