Pet insurer says that number of obese cats in Britain is set to skyrocket

British cats will be so fat in ten years time they will be unable to fit through a standard cat flap, according to recent research conducted by More Than pet insurance .

At present one in four of Britain’s eight million pet cats is officially overweight, claims the survey by the insurer and the number of obese felines is set to escalate to four million by 2020. The research showed the average weight of a cat will reach 11lb (5kg) in ten years time, a weight that is officially obese and up from the current average of 8.8lb (4kg).

As a reaction to this, the insurance firm has joined forces with with UK celebrity vet Joe Inglis to create a cat flap specially for tubby cats. The “Fat Flap” has a conveyor belt which transports overweight cats to its entrance and is twice the width of traditional cat flaps . Cat burglars are kept out by electronic sliding doors that open when activated by a paw-recognition system.

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