Pet insurer finds dog owners prefer artificial Christmas trees to prevent injuries

Christmas can be an extremely hazardous environment for dogs and their owners.

According to a recent study conducted by Churchill Pet Insurance and dog rehoming website, Christmas has led to over 79 per cent of dog owners admitting they now choose to put up a fake tree to avoid potential dangers for their dogs. Almost half of those that did prefer a real Christmas tree reported that their dog had been injured at least once by pine needles, mostly when they become lodged in the dog’s paw.

Adam Whiteley, Head of Churchill Pet Insurance, said: “We’re certainly a nation of dog-lovers, however we want to raise awareness of the potential risks facing pets this Christmas. We’d advise pet owners to keep human goodies and other potentially hazardous items well out of the reach of their hungry and inquisitive four-legged friends, as treating pets for illness or injury can be very costly.”

He added it is essential to have pet insurance in place to cover any unforeseen vet bills and to give owners peace of mind in the event of a pet needing veterinary treatment .

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