Drink drive offenders find it hard to get car insurance

Those convicted of drink driving find it a struggle, if not impossible to get car insurance following their conviction for the offence.

This warning has been issued to coincide with the launch of the Government’s annual drink drive campaign to advise people of the dangers of having a couple of drinks at a Christmas party and then getting behind the wheel of a car .

According to car insurance experts, some drink drivers have been unable to secure car insurance for up to seven years after committing the offence because they are regarded by some insurers as extremely high risk. Those who do succeed in securing car insurance following a drink drive conviction are always hit with high premiums.

The Government has launched its drink drive campaign THINK! to try and encourage groups of friends of colleagues heading out on the town to celebrate the Christmas period to not be tempted to drink and then drive. The government has joined forces with Coca Cola to offer designated drivers free soft drinks at 8,000 participating venues across the UK.

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